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Hair price list
Our prices are not inclusive of a cut and finish or blowdry so if you are booking for a colour then you would need to add the price of the other service to that. All colour work requires a patch test at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.  Online booking is available via the book now button above but if colour work is booked and a patch test isn't recorded on our system then colour work will not go ahead. 
From £20.00 per Treatment
The revolutionary OLAPLEX™ treatment is now available at Naked to give your hair strength and shine during the hair colouring process.

OLAPLEX delivers amazing results, dramatically eliminating hair breakage that can be caused when using permanent hair colour.  Hair that was dry and brittle can be restored to beautiful condition with the OLAPLEX three-step treatment.

It can be used as a stand-alone treatment but is also fantastic when applied with your hair colour.  If you want a complete hair colour transformation, for example, but are worried your hair is too dry to cope, a treatment with OLAPLEX may be all that is needed to give some lustre back to your locks. 

Hair that is damaged and over-processed can be massively improved in just one use with OLAPLEX, compared to five or six deep conditioning treatments that it would usually take to help restore hair.

It is already a big hit in America where it has been tested on industry experts and hairdressing’s top colourings. Their celebrity clients have since sent the message across the world that with OLAPLEX you can get great colour, strength and shine.


You can now treat your hair at home using the fabulous OLAPLEX No. 3 which is a take-home treatment to keep your hair shiny and strong.  Ask in salon for more details. 
From £100.00 per Treatment
Cut down the time you spend styling and maintaining your hair! Now you can have easy to manage, healthy-looking hair for up to 5 months.

Our Hair Taming System™ transforms your hair to give you it all; beauty and protection.
The GK Hair Taming System with Juvexin incorporates a unique and patented formulation of proteins and is found exclusively in GKhair products. Unlike other keratins, Juvexin is non-hydrolyzed; maintaing all of nature’s healing powers. Scientific studies reveal that the harsh process of hydrolyzation reduces keratin proteins to inactive fragments that cannot effectively bond to the hair or offer nourishing effects. This system is a professional in-salon treatment.

Global Keratin Hair Taming System with JUVEXIN is a Keratin based system with straightening capabilities that naturally washes out in 3 to 5 months. It protects and restores the hair without using harsh chemicals.

There is so much talk about  Global Keratin treatments .  It is almost like a miracle drug that helps take the frizz and curls out of your hair for up to 5 months!
The Global Keratin Treatment with Juvexin is formulated to smooth the hair and leave it shiny, silky and manageable. The Global Keratin treatment is specifically formulated as a revitalizing and rejuvenating Keratin treatment that eliminates frizz and curls. Global Keratin includes Juvexin.

What is JUVEXIN?
JUVEXIN is the ONLY keratin compound scientifically proven to protect and restore hair back to its youthful state. It is a naturally derived protein similar to the structure of hair, which bonds to the surface and penetrates strands.

Why is JUVEXIN different than other keratins?                                                                                 
Other products in the market today are made with hydrolyzed or over processed keratin where the long chains of amino acids are broken and the capability of the protein to bind to the hairs natural keratin is destroyed.                                                                                                                                            

Is this a relaxer?                                                                                  
No.Global Keratin’s Hair Taming System with JUVEXIN is a system that restores hair to its pristine condition. It does not change the genetic make up of hair. Rather, it makes hair more manageable, easy to style and frizz-free.

Do I always have to wear my hair straight or can I style my hair?
After the first wash you can style your hair in any manner you desire. Since the Global Keratin Hair Taming Systemwith JUVEXIN does not change the structural integrity of your hair, your hair will hold any style like before the application.

Can the Hair Taming System be done on any type of damaged hair?                                                       
Yes, the Global Keratin Hair Taming System with JUVEXIN treatment can be applied on ANY previous chemical treatment (colored, highlighted, relaxed, bleached or virgin hair).

Can you do the Hair Taming System over the top of other straightening treatments?
Yes, the Global Keratin Hair Taming System with JUVEXIN can be applied over any kind of permanent straightening.

Is it best to apply the Hair Taming System before or after coloring?
For optimal results, color/highlighting processes should be done before applying the Global Keratin Hair Taming System with JUVEXIN. Otherwise, wait 2 weeks after the treatment application to apply color/highlights.

Why do I have to wait to wash my hair?
We recommend that you wait because it takes 48 hours for the JUVEXIN to form a stronger bond to the hair cortex. If hair is washed right after the treatment, some or most of the Juvexin may wash out and the results of the application will not last as long as desired.

Can I wear a ponytail or tie the hair up?
No, during the first 48 hours following the application the hair should not be tied up with any bands or clips.

What should I do if I create a bend in my hair while sleeping?
Blow dry the section of hair as soon as possible and/or use a flat iron to re-straighten the hair.
What should I do if my hair gets wet during the first 48 hours?
Blow dry the section of hair as soon as possible and/or use a flat iron to re-seal the cuticle.

How long does the Hair Taming System last?
The Global Keratin Hair Taming System with JUVEXIN treatment will last about 3-5 months depending on the hair type and maintenance. The system works better on chemically treated hair.

Is the Hair Taming System permanent?
No, the Global Keratin Hair Taming System with JUVEXIN application will gradually wash out after 3 – 5 months.

Can I go into the ocean or the pool after receiving the Hair Taming System?
Do not go into the ocean or pool during the first 48 hours. After that, you may swim. However, apply Global Keratin Hair Taming System with JUVEXIN Leave-In Conditioner to your hair before you get in the water and rinse well afterward before shampooing.

Styling Tools From £64.00
Cloud Nine is the brainchild of hairdresser and inventor Robert Powls, the founder of GHD hair straighteners.  They bring the latest in hair straightening and curling innovation with intelligent temperature control technology, to ensure that only the minimum heat required is used. The award winning Ultimate O Set curling system is designed to deliver vibrant volume with ease in seconds while the mineral infused ceramic plates of the straightening irons leave hair with a sleek, healthy finish.

Cloud Nine understand that your hair is as unique as you are. Having already built a cult following with stylists and celebrities, award-winning brand Cloud Nine is dedicated to delivering kinder styling using temperatures that are tailored to your hair. 

The brands state-of-the-art technology includes temperature control and mineral-infused floating ceramic plates which work to lock in moisture, delivering lasting results and glossy, healthy-looking locks.

Built on a foundation of knowledge and experience, Cloud Nine’s mission to embrace individuality is empowering you to take control of your styling and be the best version of yourself.
TIGI Copyright treatments from £10.00
Tigi Copyright is the newest innovation in hair care.  Developed to be personalized on each client giving you exactly what you want and what your hair needs. Followed up with take-home regimes that keep your hair at its best. 

Base & booster treatment - £10

This intense treatment is coconut oil based and comes with intermixable boosters to give your hair what it needs so if you have damaged hair but want shine we can mix repair and shine to give you just that. What the results to continue out of the salon the boosters are available in retail size and can be mixed with your conditioner to give you a top up at home. 

SOS treatment - £15 

This treatment is like no other in what it can achieve for your hair. This treatment has the ability to put a year's worth of lost keratin back into the hair in just 5 minutes!  This is a salon only treatment and the results speak for themselves. 

Complete care treatment -£20 

The best by far - we combine both the treatments above to give your hair the full all around care that it deserves.  The SOS works on the internal structure and then the base and boosters work on the outer structure.  Perfect for hair in need of a little pick me up.