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Salon Of The Year 2018

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  1. Q
    Do I need a skin test?
    You will require a skin test if you haven't been to us for colour before, if it has been 6 months since your last colour with us or if you have had a change in medication. These must be carried out a minimum of 48 hours before a colour appointment.
  2. Q
    How long will my service take?
    This one is really hard for us to answer without seeing you. Each person is individual you may have a lot of hair or require more work than you think you do.
  3. Q
    Do you offer student discount?
    Yes we offer 30% off to students.
  4. Q
    Can I go from black to blonde?
    Generally the answer to this is no, with all our clients that are wanting a change in colour we request that you come for a consultation so that we can test your hair. This will show us what we are able to achieve whilst keeping your hair in the best condition possible.
  5. Q
    What is a strand test?
    A strand test for us is where we take a small cutting of your hair and process this to see what the result would be. This allows us to make informed decisions on what the steps will be with your hair. Do you need one? if you are changing the colour of your hair then we recommend it so that we can be sure we are able to achieve what it is your looking for.
  6. Q
    What colours do you use?
    We use Tigi Copyright colours within the salon. The colours are great because they are all inter mixable between shade and type so we can make you a 100% bespoke colour and it allows us to be super creative with our work.
  7. Q
    Where is the best place to park?
    Best place to park is the Mayorhold multi-storey car park. During the week you get 2 hours free parking and at weekends it is £2 to park for the whole day.
  8. Q
    Do you have any offers or discounts?
    We offer discounts to NHS, St Andrews, 999 staff, council workers and students who all get 30% discount in the salon. We do regularly have offers check out the Facebook page to see what we currently have on offer.